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Roch Marcorelles ( NUBIAN )
Roch Marcorelles ( NUBIAN )
Roch Marcorelles, I'm a french drawer.
Montpellier, France


I was born in 1993 in Montpellier, France.

From an early age I exhibited a talent for drawing, which led me to formally studying illustration. Despite the fact of being a good drawer, studying art in a formal setting blocked my ability to produce what had always come naturally to me so I stopped my studies prior to completing a degree.

For the next four years following my departure from school, I worked on a part-time basis in order to delegate the rest of my time to practicing my art.
As of March 2017, I set-up my workshop at LineUp Association in Montpellier and became a part of their in-house artists. As a result, the majority of my time is now devoted to painting large frescos on walls of various sizes, drawing and surrounding myself with other positive, artistic energy.

My twin brother, Cesar Marcorelles, has a similar skill set, but in 3D art. Non-expressive artwork is not for us so both of us spend our time working on the art that inspires us to continue to develop our artistic abilities.


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